Khaos Komix Kickstarter Goodies

Back in September, I saw that Khaos Komix finally had volume 3 out and was going to release volume 4 soon. I contacted Tab to let him know that I wanted the two books I’ve yet to own in my collection, but then I saw that Tab started a kickstarter project, so I opted to “upgrade” my options.

Khaos Komix Kickstarter Goodies

The goodies finally came to me. This collection consisted of:

* Khaos Komix volumes 3 and 4 signed by Tab
* A Khaos boxset
* PDF files of volumes 1 through 4
* Khaos timeline
* PDF file of Khaos timeline
* Certificate
* Buttons

I’m a happy fan. :D I had to wait a few months for it, but I wasn’t in any hurry and it was worth waiting for these goodies! Plus, I’m glad I got to participate in my first kickstarter project. Huzzah for me!


  1. I’ve never participated in a kickstarter project before, maybe I’ve yet to find something to support :P

    That’s a lot of goodies you have there! I think it was worth the wait too ^^ I know my friend had to wait a couple of months for some watches to be sent to her.

    Hope you had a lovely new year!

  2. I just went through some of the chapters on Khaos Komix. It’s too bad that he had to do a Kickstarter to get these books out though, just from what I read, whether you’re gay, straight, or whatever, I think it would be a good read for any teenager who doesn’t fully understand their sexual orientation and their sexuality.

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