GLSEN Donation


This week, my tax return came back to me. I’d already decided to stash a good chunk of it towards my grad school fund, and the remaining I could spend however I wanted. Well, after getting a PS Vita, a Kindle Paperwhite, a Nintendo 3DS XL, and a Samsung Galaxy S III . . . I pretty much realised that I did not need anything “big”. Well, I’d like a surround sound system, but that can wait. Haha, seriously, though, I did not want anything else, so I decided to donate to a charity or organisation.

So I asked my friend B. for suggestions. I told her I wanted to donate to an LGBT-related organisation. B. knows that I also am interested in youth work, so she suggested some LGBT youth organisations. One of the ones she suggested was GLSEN. I looked into them and their mission, and I decided this group was the one I wanted. I also looked into The Trevor Project, but their donation page was not using encryption (I didn’t see the “https” symbol on my browser), so I decided to just stick with GLSEN. And so I donated. In B’s honour. I wasn’t able to donate a lot, but I hope what I did donate will help them somehow.


  1. Last Christmas I realised that I didn’t need anything “big”. In fact, for the past couple of years, while I’ve had a wishlist I have not desperately wanted anything on there. Most of it was really novelty, trivial stuff that I could live without.

    Well done on the donation. :) I want my tax return ahhaa… still a while to go.

  2. That’s good that you found an organization to donate to. Charity Navigator is a good site to assess which organization is accountable to their donations.

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