Crazy Week of Work and Fun

April 12, 2014 @ 10:59 pm (Permalink)

I thought with my grad school all finished, I’d have more time to do stuff. Apparently, in my euphoric state, I forgot about work. This is spring break week, so that means the kids I work with are on vacation, and my workplace scheduled a field trip EVERY DAY this week for them. I am mentally and physically exhausted from chaperoning. Amidst that, I also managed to have a social life, so yay for that. My week is broken down into the following:

Monday: Field trip to the Korean Folk Village in Suwon. This place is divided into two parts: the folk village and the amusement park. Guess which side the kids and I stayed at? Yep, the amusement park. This is a place I visited many time as a kid, but the amusement park section didn’t exist back then, so I remembered how bored I was with the folk village, so I stayed far away from that place!

Tuesday: Field trip to Namsan Tower with a hike down the Namsan Mountain. We explored the tower and this strange fun house, but I didn’t like the hike. I thought we were hiking down a paved road, but instead we hiked down a dirt road filled with rocks and branches. With my weak ankles and knees that never healed right from my injury years ago, this hike was not safe for me. I took baby steps and was very slow coming down the mountain.

Wednesday: Field trip to Kidzania, a theme park that is broken up into sections based on occupation. So depending on the occupation, the kids “paid” to learn to be a cook, or got “paid” to learn how to be photographers. It was a great place, but the adults were NOT allowed to participate with the kids. :( I was very sore when I was told I couldn’t cook with the kids! I couldn’t even go into the rooms to take pictures of the kids! Boo!

Thursday: Field trip to Trick Eye Museum with a stopover at the Hello Kitty Cafe (TOO PINK!!!) and Daiso. I did not like the museum because it was too small of a place to take 60+ kids to. It was crazy! Plus, we had to transport the kids on the street, and with Korean traffic, I suffered from an anxiety attack on making sure I didn’t lose any of the kids or that they didn’t get into any accident!

Friday: I didn’t go on the field trip (it was at Everland, another amusement park) because I had to stay behind and watch the kids who were unable to go. This made for a super long day. I swear, that clock did not want to move. However, after work, I met a new friend, “Tessa”. She’s new in Korea and contacted me on OkCupid, wanting to make new English-speaking friends. We met up in my area, and we had went to Taste of Thailand for dinner, took a coffee break at Chansbros, and had a drink at Noxa Lounge.

Saturday: I had to work two hours at this fun fair. My organisation was in charge of the face painting. My colleagues painted, and I was the “water girl”, meaning I changed their water for them LOL. After work, I went to Chansbros to read and wait for my friend “CS”. He’s someone I hadn’t met in like two years, so we met up, had dinner at Casablanca and then had couple drinks at Noxa Lounge. It was a blast catching up with him!

And that was my week. I’m pooped! Tomorrow is going to be my be-a-bum day. I am so not leaving the flat, and I am going to just read and play video games or something to unwind and recuperate from this super busy week!

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Crazy Hair Change

April 5, 2014 @ 7:30 pm (Permalink)

Blue & Purple Hair

Since I turn 30 next year, I decided to do something different and crazy with my hair. The most I was willing to go was to dye it a different colour, and blue hair is something I’ve been wanting for the last couple of years. At first I wanted blue highlights, but several days ago, I decided to go for doing the ends of my hair. That way I have the option of chopping them off in the future and I wouldn’t be damaging all my hair!

I went to the salon today to get it done. Four hours later and $90 poorer (plus $12 tip), I have my crazy hair. The actual cost was supposed to be $110, but when I consulted the salon yesterday, they told me $70, but they didn’t consider the fact that my hair needed to be bleached more than once. One of the ladies who worked there stepped in and said that since I was already told $70 to just lower the price, and the manager did.

I’m happy with it. I can cross off something off my imaginary bucket list :D

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Post-Graduate School Plans

April 3, 2014 @ 8:38 pm (Permalink)

Games Backlog

Now that I’m pretty much done with grad school, I’m going to catch up on my hobbies. Reading books and mangas were something I could combine with my school-work, but gaming is a whole different issue. For some reasons, gaming is just one of those things I can only do when I do not have any other stuff on my plate. I think that’s because when I get into a game, I’m into it for hours. Reading allows me to escape reality, but gaming? It’s like I get sucked into it. I do not consider that to be a bad thing.

But when I had school, I had to step away from it. The only time I allowed myself to get into games during school was when I was re-playing a game I’ve already played or played adventure games like Gyakuten Saiban because those didn’t require so much on my part and is just another form of reading. But RPGs and other type games? Those I’d play mostly in between semesters.

Now, though, I’ve got some freedom and time to play! I’m happy about that. Now, if only someone would prevent me from buying all these games . . . I buy games that only add to my humongous backlog. I really need more time to play! Any hopes of clearing my backlog is, realistically speaking, not going to happen . . . but I can still try!

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Master’s Degree Accomplished!

March 28, 2014 @ 2:24 am (Permalink)

Master's Degree

That is all. Three years later, and I’m done!

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Saturday Adventure in Seoul

March 15, 2014 @ 8:07 pm (Permalink)

Before I go onto the main point of my entry, I’d like to point out that I participated in Georgie’s 2 Minutes and 40 Seconds interview segment. My interview can be found here :)

Moving on — with my crapstone turned in, the only thing I can do now is to wait for my defence date on March 27. I’ve a bit of a reprieve, so I made plans to meet up with Bunny Unnie to check out this Indian restaurant in Seoul called Namaste in Dongdaemun area. I’ve been craving Indian, so we decided it to check it out.

Indian food at Namaste

We ordered and split between a chicken tikka masala, chicken biryani, and plain naan. All together, our total came to 25,000 won ($24 USD). It was pretty good, but I am not sure if it’s worth going to Dongdaemun for it! But I’m glad we tried it.

Next we went to Hannam Dong area to check out Banana Tree. Bunny Unnie saw this place featured on TV, and they’re known for their cotton candy latte, a unique concept that made us curious, though I was a bit turned off by the idea first.

Cotton Candy Latte at Banana Tree

I chose to get the strawberry one. Now, I originally thought it’d be like a strawberry milk tea latte or some thing similar. I was not expecting for them to put chunks of strawberry in an actual latte. X_X; Coffee + Strawberry = NASTINESS. If I ever go back there, I’ll stick with the milk caramel flavour — that sounds better than fruit and coffee mixed together. But bleeeeeegh! I won’t ever get the strawberry one again!

Afterwards, Bunny Unnie and I walked around Itaewon. We stopped by the Foreign Food Mart to look around and get whatever catches our eye. Then we walked in the back road of Itaewon and we came upon this HUGE “lion dog”.

Lion Dog in Itaewon

Apparently, this dog’s a bit on the mean side. There was a warning sign that stated he bites when he’s touched . . . other people touched him with no issues, but I decided I’d better not risk it! Still, though, what a majestic looking dog.

Bunny Unnie and I separated after, and I headed to my neighbourhood, where I stopped by my favourite coffee shop to get yummy coffee to make up for that nasty latte, stopped by the fruit store to get some mandarin oranges for Daddy, and picked up some kimbap for mum and me. All in all, what a crazy, but fun day! I love Seoul. Where else can I do all this in one day? :D

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