July 2015 Helene Jewelry Box and Chloe Bracelets Review

June 2015 Helene Jewelry Box and Chloe Bracelets Review

My third subscription box, Helene Jewelry finally came. Helene Jewelry is a subscription box service that focuses on sending handmade jewelleries. They primarily focus on arm candy that cost $25 a month with free shipping to US addresses. For an extra fee, you can also add on earrings and necklaces, but those are not something I am interested in. I just opted to get bracelets.

Box Backstory

I ordered my box on June 18, and they ship out their boxes on the week the 15th each month. I guess I’d missed the “deadline”, so I had to wait for them to ship it out in July, hence why I decided to just consider this box to be my July box. It’s not like Sparkle Box or Wantable, where they ship it out a few days after your order is placed. So keep the timing in mind if you subscribe to Helene Jewelry. It was a long wait, but it finally came to me without any shipping issues, thank goodness! They shipped my box on July 18, and I got it on July 24, which is fast and normal, unlike the Wantable one-month long delay fiasco!

My first box cost me $21.25 because I applied a 15% discount. It was sent to me via USPS First Class Mail. I chose professional setting and bohemian style. Elena, the owner of Helene Jewelry, sent out a short questionnaire to find out more about my preferences after I subscribed, and these were my answers:

Do you have a preference between gold or silver?
Silver! Definitely silver and white gold. I look horrid in yellow gold!

Are there any colours that you prefer, or will not wear?
Colours I love: navy blue, black, white, grey, dark green. Colours I hate: pink, red, orange.

Are there any other specific details you would like us to know about your personal style?
I want to be able to mix and match and stack with the jewelleries I have which are my class ring, two silver rings with engravings on them, a silver watch, and two silver chain bracelets :) I do have reactions to certain metals, so that’s why if I wear “metals”, it has to be real silver/gold and maybe stainless steel. I am horrible with clasps due to having poor fine motor skills.

After I sent that, Elena and I emailed back and forth because I discovered that Haute Look was having a sale on her bracelets, but I couldn’t access the site! Elena kindly gave me a promo code to match the sale at Haute Look, so I was able to buy these Chloe bracelets in both colours for $60 total! Then I had the brilliant idea to ask Elena to combine the Chloe bracelets with my July box bracelet, and she did!

I also asked Elena if these Riley bangles would fit over my hand or not, and she tested them and the Chloe bracelets with a friend with similar measurements, and we discovered that the Riley bangles were a no go :( This incident, though, gave Elena an idea what to put in my July box. Continue reading this entry

Blogger Dossiers: Intro and Sample Entry

Blogger Dossiers

I am so excited! Starting in August, I am starting a new blogging column called “Blogger Dossiers” :D This will be my take on “Blogger of the Month” feature, and it will also help me meet and get to know my fellow bloggers! The way it works is that I will contact a blogger about a month ahead to see if they are interested in this column. If they are interested, they will compile and send me the following information:

1. A photo of yourself.
2. An introductory blurb about yourself.
3. Three photos that define you. It can be your favourite food, your bedroom, your favourite hobby, and et cetera.
4. A favourite memory and write a blurb about it.
5. A song you recommend. It can be your all-time favourite song or a song you are currently into. Please provide a YouTube URL.
6. Answers to five random questions I ask you.
7. A Twitter account so I can tweet everyone to follow you. If you do not have a Twitter account, I will tweet everyone to follow your blog.

The entry will be posted on the last Friday of each month. So will the tweet. The blogger will need to submit the information a week before the post goes live. That way it will give me enough time to put everything together and do any editing. Please make sure that all photos are in JPEG format and are at least 1024 x 768 pixels or larger. Please zip them and attach the file to your email with your blurbs and answers :) Continue reading this entry

Photo Potpourri: Monsoon Fun

Photo Potpourri

Monsoon season has finally come to Korea, and this mean non-stop, on-and-off raining with 100% humidity. Normally, this occurs at the end of June and early July. This year, I suppose thanks to global warming or something, it came about a month late. We needed the rain, so I don’t mind it too much, but going outside in it can be bothersome. Luckily, I’ve always prepared myself with an umbrella, so I haven’t been caught in a downpour. Rain or not, I’ve still managed to have some fun, and here are the photos that showcase my fun :)

Card, Note, and Stickers from Nancy!

Nancy sent me a card, note, and stickers! I was so surprised when I received them because I’d no idea she sent them. The card is so pretty and the stickers are fun! Thanks, again, Nancy! ♥ Continue reading this entry

Nostalgic Notes: Magical Internet

Nostalgic Notes

A couple of months ago, I read a very interesting article that I had to share and tweet to my graduate school professor, whose interest area encompasses technology and its impact on society. He responded with a tweet that pretty much summed up the entire article and its impact on me, and it had me wanting to write about all of my feels into a “Nostalgic Notes” post.

I remember when I signed up for my first email at Hotmail, discovered online chatrooms and messengers, and followed the Animorphs series on its Scholastic website. I remember being fascinated by the fact that I could communicate real-time with someone living on the other side of the planet and with someone who shared the same interests as me. I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment when I made my first website and figured out photo manipulation. In other word, the Internet has forever changed my life. Yes, I’m part of the generation that remember using card catalogues, a cassette tape player, a rotary phone, and 1970s TV set. I’m also part of the generation that played computer games like Oregon Trail and Lemonade Stand on the Apple computer in my fourth grade building “lobby”. I’m a proud child of the 80s and 90s, and I love and miss those times. But then I came of age. With the Internet.

The Internet was new and magical; it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. The Internet, to me, defined my adolescent years. Without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. The Internet allowed me to discover my likes and dislikes, it allowed me to embrace the fact that a lot of the tasks came to me easily. I learned to touch type because of chat rooms and instant messaging, and I learned to make websites and do basic graphic designing for myself. In fact, the Internet was simply perfect for my introverted nature.

I miss that feeling, that sense of novelty and fascination towards a piece of technology that just did so much. It just feels routine for me now. I still enjoy what I do on the Internet, and I love the online interaction between like-minded friends and peers, but I miss that feeling of pure awe I had back then. On the flipside, I do not miss the super slow dial-up, nor do I miss the website’s aesthetic back then, haha! Nope, I’m happy with my high-speed Internet and current website designs. :D

Do you miss the earlier days of net usage? Are you like me where you come from a generation that experienced the new and the old? Did you ever feel awed by the Internet?

June 2015 Wantable Accessories Box Review

June 2015 Wantable Accessories Box Review

Wantable Accessories Box is the “upscale” subscription box I’ve decided to try, and it is the second box to arrive. The very first box cost $40, and then it’s $36 afterwards (if you don’t return the contents of your first box), with free US shipping. Although it was pricey, I’d hoped that the accessories would be better, quality-wise. The other thing that really grabbed my attention about Wantable was that I really liked their style quiz because it allowed me to really customise what I wanted to get in my box. There is also a credit system in place where every box you order, you will get a $4 in credit. With my mind made up, I forked over $40 for the June box on June 18.

June Selection Quiz

Wantable June Quiz

This is what I selected on the style quiz. I only wanted bracelets and watches, and I preferred silver in classic and boho styles. I chose the small/medium size option, and I selected having more of a preference to everyday over statement style. I also left a comment at the end of the quiz that said: I want to be able to mix and match bracelets and watches together. I also like classic and subtle looks a lot.

One thing I noticed — I couldn’t leave a long comment, couldn’t go into details about my preference in the comment box, so that was a bit disappointing.

Shipping Issues

Wantable Shipping Issue

Wantable notified me that they shipped my box on June 20 (Korea time, that is), which fell within the three promised business days it would take for them to ship my package. Unfortunately, that was the only good thing about my shipping experience with them. My box was completely MIA from June 20 to July 7. When I contacted Wantable about that, they said there was a delay in processing my order. Personally, I think they left it on a shelf and forgot about it. They ended up giving me $10 in credit for that delay.

However, USPS then upset me when it arrived in Chicago, only to go to Kansas City. For those who are unaware, Chicago is the final destination before it comes to me in Korea. So when the box had arrived in Chicago on July 8, it should’ve been en route to me. But no, it went to Kansas City of all places! Gragh! Thankfully, it made it back to Chicago, and I finally got the package on July 17, which eseentially took a month to get here. I’m glad it made it to me, but at the same time I can’t help but say !@#$%!@#$%!@#$%

Wantable Box and Its Contents

Wantable June 2015 Box

The postal workers had scribbled my name on the top of the box, so that’s why I took a snapshot of it opened. This is what greeted me when I opened it, and I blinked at the “again” part of that message. Kind of strange to see it in my first subscription with them! On the other side of that greeting message was a quote by Audrey Hepburn saying, “Happy girls are the prettiest.” The packaging is a bit disheartening after getting the pretty one from Sparkle Box, but in the end, the content of the box is what really matters.

Wantable June 2015 Box

This is the information sheet that was under the greeting message. They also listed the accessories in my box along with its descriptions, style tips, and prices.

Wantable June 2015 Box

Under the information sheet were the accessories, and they came in these black velvet snap pouches.

Wantable June 2015 Box

And these are the accessories out of their pouches. From left to right, here are:

Livie Watch: “The Livie watch features a teal band with a fun patterned face. Style tip: Pair with a silver bangle set.” Retail: $31 ~ Wantable: $13.05

Becky Watch: “This watch features a peach band and silver metal. Style tip: Wear with a silver midi ring.” Retail: $26 ~ Wantable: $10.95

Andrea Bracelet: “This bracelet has beautiful orange and turquoise stones. Style tip: Pair with a pastel polish.” Retail: $22 ~ Wantable: $9.26

Stefania Bracelet in Silver: “The Stefania bracelet is a chic open classic bracelet that comes in either gold or silver. Style tip: Pair with a long, classic statement necklace!” Retail: $16 ~ Wantable: $6.74

Wantable June 2015 Box

I absolutely love the Andrea bracelet. I really like the boho look to this, and the stone placement and design are really nice. I am not fond of orange-based colours, but on this bracelet it’s a winner! Unfortunately, the lobster clasp proved to be a major pain. Looks like if I’m to wear this, I’ll need my mum or someone to help put it on!

As for the Livie watch . . . I’m not a fan. It’s too big and bulky, and the design on the face is too busy! The hands are also not contrasting enough, so if I were to look at the time, I’d not be able to see it well. The strap is faux leather, and that, too, is a bit too wide for my taste.

Wantable June 2015 Box

The Stefania bracelet is too plain for me. Apparently, I’m not fond of simple and subtle bracelets as I thought I’d be. I guess I want my arm candy to be flashier, haha! About the only good thing with this bracelet, though, is that I can easily put it on, thanks to its malleable metal band. And I suppose if I were to mix and match, this will be a good one to add :)

Last, but not least, is the Becky watch, and I much prefer this over Livie! This one’s not even my colour, but the peach is nice and neutral enough for me to enjoy. This strap is made from a denim-like material, so while it feels nice, I can see this one getting dirty super fast. Size-wise, it’s way better than the Livie watch because it’s smaller! Plus, I can see the hands on the face! So huzzah for that!


This box truly gave me a headache with its shipping issues. And while I like two (well, three, sort of . . . ) of the accessories, I can’t see them really costing $95 all together. At least the quality is a little bit better than that of Sparkle Box’s, but it’s not that much better, either. Still, though, Wantable is worth a try. And if accessories are not your thing, there are also boxes for makeup and intimates. If you would like to give one of the boxes a try, go here. :)

I decided to give Wantable another try and see if the second box will be any better. I’ve managed to rack up $34 in credit, so that means my next box will only cost me $6. I hope that my next box won’t take a month to get here, either. Fingers crossed on that!