Symphonic Selections: Autumn Leaves

Symphonic Selections

One thing about this time of year? I love autumn. The weather is so much cooler, I can start wearing my hoodies, and the changing of the leaves are just beautiful. When I was at Seoraksan two weeks ago, I kept thinking about the gorgeous colours of the leaves I saw there and what it represented. I was not only struck by its beauty, but I was reminded of the symbolic representation of autumn. What I saw at Seoraksan made me think of “Autumn Leaves“, a gorgeous song that’s been covered by many different artists since the 1940s. In fact, this round of Symphonic Selections features four different version of this song because I couldn’t choose one over the other. Yes, I try to feature more instrumental pieces with this column, but this is one of those rare cases where I also like its lyrical version :3

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Photo Potpourri: Seoulcation

Photo Potpourri

My lovely November vacation is coming to an end :( Why must vacations always go by so fast? I am not ready to return to work. I find myself wishing I had one more week off! But alas, that’s not to be the case. I really did enjoy my time off these past two weeks. I went to Sokcho last week, and then the rest of the time was spent in Seoul doing many random activities. This round of Photo Potpourri will showcase what I’ve done in Seoul. Enjoy the photos!

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Sokcho Trip Reflections

Sokcho Trip Reflections Header

Although my Sokcho trip wasn’t exactly a trip of enlightenment, I still ended up learning quite about Sokcho and myself. Some were observations and some were realisations I made during the trip. Some reflections only reiterated what I’d already knew about myself. All in all, this solo trip has taught me some things, and the experiences I’ve gained on this trip will be cherished.

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Sokcho Trip 2015

Sokcho Trip 2015 Header Image

My solo trip I mentioned in this post has come and gone! From November 9 to 13, I was in Gangwon-do Sokcho (강원도 속초) area. I had a blast, and I really enjoyed my solace. I also learned a lot on this trip, which I’ll post about in a separate post. This post showcases all that I’ve done in Sokcho, and it is full of photos. Enjoy reading about my adventures in Sokcho!

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Natural Hair with a Side of Fringe

Natural Hair with a Side of Fringe Header

I remember the first time I highlighted or dyed my hair in middle school. I liked it because I didn’t care for my natural hair colour, which is super dark brown to the point it looks black. I actually liked how I looked in lighter shades, so I became quite notorious for dyeing my hair or highlighting my hair almost every year since then. But now? I’ve grown to like my natural hair. It took me about seventeen years, but I finally like it.

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