Fitness Files: The First Month


I survived my first month of my new fitness regime. I blogged before my plans of hiring a personal trainer, signing up at Body & Seoul to take FightFit, and taking things slowly. Some of my plans didn’t fall through, but I am satisfied with what I’ve accomplished so far. In fact, my dad was so impressed with what I’ve been doing that he offered to pay my trainer for next month. Yay! Thank you, Daddy! That aside, here is a summary of my first month.

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Significant Books

Significant Books (Image from

I ❤ reading. I read books, mangas, and fanfics, and I re-read things I haven’t read in awhile. To give you an idea, since this January, I’ve read or re-read 111 books and mangas — this doesn’t even include the fanfics I read. Becca asked me to teach her my ways, but I don’t really have a “way”, haha! ^^; I simply read before I sleep, on the weekend, and in coffee shops. I make the time to read because it is something I really love to do, and there’s nothing better than reading a book that significantly impacts me in life-changing ways. And this post compiles my top significant books that have affected me deeply.

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Timeless Thoughts: Senior Year of High School

Timeless Thoughts

It’s the first Saturday of May. Therefore, it’s time for another round of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly blog link-up run by Georgie and me. This month’s entry is hosted by me, so if you would like to participate, you’re more than welcome to join our link-up by submitting your entry with the link-up widget located at the end of this entry! This link-up is opened for two weeks, and your entry can be about anything you find unforgettable from your past or present! It can be an object, an event, a person — anything goes — and you can have more than one thing you miss. For this month, here’s what I’ve been missing lately!

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My Favourite Things: May 2016

My Favourite Things (Original Image from

First Tuesday of the month means it’s time to do Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful link-up, My Favourite Things. I didn’t encounter a lot of new things last month to blog about (mostly because I had to force myself to not buy any more Lush products for now), but I did finally try out three new Korean skincare products that I’ve been wanting to try for the last couple of months. So far, the products have been working out for me, and I’m thrilled that I seem to be breaking out less! With that said, here are my favourites!

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