My Favourite Things: September 2015

My Favourite Things

For September, I’m guest hosting Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful linkup, My Favourite Things. This linkup is opened for the next two weeks, and anyone can participate and write about anything you love! Hope to see some fabulous entries!

My post this month sort of has a “beauty theme”. I’m here to gush about the three products I’ve been using the past month and loving a lot. I usually don’t go into beauty or bath products, but there really weren’t a lot of favourites I encountered in August :( So I’m hoping I’ll have more favourites to talk about next month! Enjoy! Continue reading this entry

Blogger Dossiers: Chantelle

Blogger Dossiers

It’s the last Friday of the month, and that means it’s time for the very first Blogger Dossiers post! I’ve asked Chantelle of to be my first featured blogger, and she agreed! Chantelle is a super sweet, lovely person, and she’s also graduating today as a valedictorian! I am able to attend her ceremony, and it’s an honour to do so. Do check out her blog, as well as her Instagram! She also has a Twitter, but she much prefers Instagram. Enjoy this post and enjoy getting to know Chantelle! Continue reading this entry

Photo Potpourri: Cafes and Stationeries

Photo Potpourri

Whew! Today’s the last day I’ll be working my summer hours. I’m off the next two days, so when I return to work on Monday, I’ll be back to my regular hours. I’m looking forward to hanging out and meeting friends the next three days :3

As for this round of Photo Potpourri, do enjoy the two cafes I visited recently and the stationery stash I sent to Amanda for winning the giveaway! I do apologise for the lack of photos in this post, but hopefully the next one will have more! Enjoy these, though! Continue reading this entry

Timeless Thoughts: Scholastic Book Orders

Timeless Thoughts

I had a real hard time picking a topic for this round of Timeless Thoughts. I floundered around various topics like sleepovers and 90s cartoons, but none of them inspired me to actually write about them. But then along comes Chantelle :D She and I started chatting on KakaoTalk about books she’s using at work, and that got us talking about what books we read as kids. I typed that I read books from the Scholastic book orders, and right after I sent that message to her, my brain went ZING! And thus, I’d found my topic for this month’s Timeless Thoughts! Continue reading this entry

The Bag Story Part II

The Bag Story Part II

Last fall, I did a “What’s in My Bag” post, and I figure it’s now time to do a new one since I’m using a different bag now! Three different bags, that is!

What's in My Bag

These are the three bags I alternate between, depending on my needs for the day. The one on the top right is my smallest cross-body bag, one of the bags I had custom made. The top left one is my Mini Diamond District bag from Thirty-One Gifts, and it’s my medium cross-body bag. The bottom one is the other custom made bag, and it’s my largest cross-body bag. I pretty much carry the same things in the bag, with a couple differences here and there. Continue reading this entry