Timeless Thoughts: H.O.T.

Timeless Thoughts

It’s time for another round of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly blog link-up hosted by Georgie and me. This month is being hosted by Georgie, so head over to her blog and join up by submitting your post to the widget at the end of Georgie’s entry! This link-up is opened for two weeks, and your entry can be about anything you miss from your past! It can be an object, an event, a person — anything goes — and you can have more than one thing you miss. For this month, here’s what I’ve been missing lately!

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My Favourite Things: February 2016

My Favourite Things (Original Image from Unsplash.com)

Can’t believe it’s February! This is what I call the crazy month. I’ve got the annual photography contest to do at my workplace, and I’ll be running around with my head cut off trying to do all these tasks. Regardless, I’m here to do Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful link-up, My Favourite Things. January was — unexpectedly — a busy month for me, so I haven’t really been exposed to anything new. Then again, it seems like I just don’t want to get into new things lately because I want things that are familiar to give me comfort. And with this month’s being my super busy month, this entry will list some of my favourite things that gives me relaxation when things become too much and I want to escape . . .

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Blogger Dossiers: Nancy

Blogger Dossiers

Ack! I can’t believe January is almost over. 2016 is already going by so fast! It’s already the last Friday of the month, so it’s time for another Blogger Dossiers post! For this month, I asked Nancy if she’d like to be featured. Nancy is a long-time blog friend :D She and I bonded over the fact that she was a fellow band player! She’s no longer in band now, but she’s still awesome; I’m so glad she’s agreed to be featured. Follow Nancy on Twitter. Have fun reading about Nancy!

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Symphonic Selections: The Untouchables

Symphonic Selections

Last month, when I was rekindling my love for gangster films, I watched The Untouchables, and one of the things that really made me love the film was Ennio Morricone’s beautiful soundtrack. I’ve always enjoyed his music. His film soundtracks like Once Upon a Time in America and The Mission are absolutely gorgeous. When I found out he composed for The Untouchables, I was curious to see what the soundtrack would be like. I was quite surprised to see I enjoyed it a lot to where I decided to feature its main theme for this month’s Symphonic Selections.

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Turning Thirty-One

Turning Thirty-One Header (Image from Unsplash.com)

Today I turn thirty-one. I don’t feel any different from when I turned thirty, twenty-five, or twenty-two. The last birthday that made me feel “different” was when I turned twenty-one because that meant I could legally drink. But as for turning thirty-one? Other than grousing about turning thirty last year, I don’t feel like turning thirty-one is a big deal. To me it’s just another day, a number, really. To me it’s just an excuse to put in leave for a day off, which is great because I gave myself a four-day weekend. Now that’s a good birthday present to myself. :D

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